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Stumpy X163
Killer whales beneath the surface

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wow, Mousa (019) is awesome!

wow, Mousa (019) is awesome!

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via The Transient Killer Whale Research Project:

August 24, 2014: Pretty amazing encounter off Monterey Bay California. Close to Moss Landing a group of California transients that have been identified as the CA51s were sighted harassing humpback whales! Photographs were shared with us by Don Baccus. This rare behaviour of foraging on larger cetaceans has been the hot debated scientific topic.

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Two albino orcas were sighted today near the southern Kuril Islands!

Albino on 1st photo is believed to be an adult female or sub-adult male. 
Photographer - Brad Siviour
Source: (x)

I wouldn’t call them albinos, we don’t know what these white orcas really are ;)

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Picture taken by Turmares Tarifa

Sonrisa (Oo_Gib_056), born to Corsica (Oo_Gib_018) in August 2014.

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Photo Credit;
The first two pics by Pablo Gil on Flickr
All the others by Turmares Tarifa

Requested by marylily2 , the full photoset of Baby August from the Strait of Gibraltar!

This baby was first spotted on 7th August this year and it looked so fresh, so he was born in early August.
He/She is so energetic and independent despite his/her young age

Meet her mom, uncles, grandma and more family members here

Turmares Tarifa (who’s associated to CIRCE (Conservation, Information and Research on Cetaceans) is asking for a name at their Facebook page.

Please it would be great if you all suggested “Tariq” as I did.
For the reasons I gave in my last post X

Well…this baby has been numbered (056) and recently named.

The name is “Sonrisa"  (Smile)
Welcome to the world, “Sonrisa 056”

A sweet name for a sweet baby! :)

The new Gibraltar baby has been named Sonrisa!

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In conversation with a killer whale (Photo: Bob Pitman)